Life is a School

You live your life and are tested on how you live it. The main goal of life should be to pass God's test, so you will have a better life after this one. This life is short. The life after this one is long. The life you live is to show what you are made of. If you are selfish, arrogant, greedy, violent, all these things will be brought out in the life you live. Don't make material gain your main pursuit if you can avoid it. Share with others. Help the animals. It will be easier to see things once the hypnotic effects of Satan on our mind is removed. 1COR 13:12 The next world will give you much more power than here. We are to judge angels and the world. John 12:47 Acts 17:31, Roman 3:6 1COR 6:2,3

So with that much power you need character, integrity, patience, love, kindness, forgiveness, fruits of the spirit. So be as loving and kind as you can and ask God to help you become better, be transformed. Romans 12:2 Be a seeker of truth and justice and ask God to help you there also. Hope to see you in the next life.

Charles Risher

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