The Prison Planet

Charles Risher


February 2008

When I returned from Prague, I settled in Minneapolis. I had become morose, for I had lost my communist moorings. There was a giant void that needed to be filled. I had come to realize that there was a supreme force in the world that directed or controlled things. Keeping us from extinction also limiting the power of people and countries, keeping us from one world government. I was drifting in a spiritual direction. I joined the Unitarian Church, Storm was its leader. After a while I wanted more, I joined the Inner Peace Movement. I went to an inner peace movement seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the Franciscan Retreat. They had some good information, especially about the balance of thought and feeling. One evening I was walking up Camelback Mountain road with a woman from Illinois, a fellow We were about half way back to the retreat when the Holy Spirit came over me. I felt like I had been magnetized, I felt light, like I was floating. I felt radiant and energy came out of my hands. I found I could use that energy to heal peopleıs headaches and other things. I havenıt been the same since. My faith and knowledge of God has grown stronger. I came back to the Curtis Hotel, where I treated many IPMers. I held a Seminar at Unitarian Church with Margaret Kroger and IPMer from Denver.


We are spirits locked in bodies that are like strait jackets to the spirit. We are bound so that we must eat, keep warm, or cool, and all our spirits powers are filtered through sensors and muscles. We age. We die. In the brief span of time, we make decisions and take actions. We are under testing. We shall be tested on our actions, thoughts and emotions. Why we were put here is beside the point. It could be that we were evil, or it could be that we are being tested for a better job in the universe. It seems that the character that we want to develop is our desire to know the truth, to search for truth, to seek, love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. One reason I think we are on the testing planet is for thousands of years people search for truth, justice, love, but it never really comes. Political striving for a just world is never ending. Many wanted communism for a society and it doesnıt work. The right, or conservatives formed a government and it doesnıt work. They all become failed systems. There is no hope for real good change in this world. The world is made for testing and developing souls, not to make them happy and comfortable. If we go on with oppressive government for thousands of years with no noticeable improvement with real quality of life, whatıs wrong? We are on a tread mill of history. There is only one way out. That is to have faith in a loving God and he will protect you and save you and help you become more loving and know truth. God is all love and all truth. The end times or judgment days are approaching when all souls are judged. Technology has brought out our strengths and weaknesses, we can destroy forests, kill all people with our weapons. So technology has brought out all our strengths and weaknesses so we can be judged and the weapons we create will cause our own destruction. Seek truth, love and forgiveness. Faith in God will save you. Otherwise if you have no good in you, you can be made into a button like Peer Gynt. There are many Bible passages that can enlighten. For example you canıt love the world and love God. The prophets were brought to the Earth to preach the message of love and forgiveness and there were killed. We are in the world not of it. What makes the prison planet work? It has a built in mechanism that can be perpetual. Only God in our hearts can free us. The built in passions of power, greed, money and sex, power us. We canıt get enough or we have too little. We are never satisfied. Only God in our heart can bring us peace, forgiveness, balance, love, calmness and serenity.


Where ever you find yourself, donıt participate in torture, killing or oppression. Try to show truth, compassion and love. Donıt get caught in politics. You are in the world, not of it. The testing planet could become a better place if people really searched for truth, love and stifled greed, lust, and selfishness. God is truth and love.


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