Charles Risher


Many ruses have tried to explain why people are greedy or that greed is good. But what they all boil down to is "greed is bad." Increasing minimum wage gets rid of jobs, they say. Helping people is bad. This goes against Darwin's evolution -- "survival of the fittest." However, if you are rich, then surviving by any means is all right. People know how to share, be loving, kind, forgiving, and, in general, help others.


There are all kinds of reasons for being greedy but they are all wrong. Those less fortunate need to be helped. If a group gets too far ahead of others, a divide, or split, causes friction and much trouble. We are all one under God. A pulling apart, or division, is like splitting an atom. It releases much power and violence. It wants to get back together for we are one. Poverty unchecked breeds disease and violence that spreads to all sections of society. Trying to forcibly suppress it creates more violence and opposition.


In fighting terrorism with terror, we only create more terror. We unleash the genie of destruction. We don't want to hear that we have created the means of our own destruction by what we have done. The list of crimes the U.S. has committed is awful. A major one was against Japan dropping the bomb after many had said the war was already over. We did it to threaten the Russians. We were after one world control even then.

Fire bombing Dresden after we had won was pure destruction. We removed elected leaders and killed them then installed puppets and when they rebelled killed them.

The story goes on and on. In the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s it was against communism, now it's against terrorism. But it's all done in the name of greed or power.


History needs to be rewritten with the truth of what we, and others, have done and why. One of the tools of greed is finance and interest. Many people are saddled with finance and interest to the point that they become slaves. They are afraid of losing their job and possessions. Workers are afraid to go on strike for fear of losing their possessions. The finance and interest control their lives, their thoughts and actions. People are not only controlled by finance and interest but business and even countries are as well. The finance charges can be changed at the whim of controllers.


The world system is controlled by Satan, the spirit of greed. There are many biblical scriptures about these things. I will cover those in a separate section. God is in control; everything is going according to plan. We don't really die in this world. Our spirit goes

to God and we are still alive. He allowed Satan to take over the world, we are to learn from all this that greed is bad and love is good. Let us be motivated by love.


It's all a play and we are the actors. Play your part well with courage. Seek truth and justice and you shall find God. Some actors, in the game of life, that I admire are Jack London, socialist, a truth and justice seeker. Eugene Debs was jailed in Terre Haute, a few miles from where I was born. He received a million votes for president on the socialist party ticket while in jail. Idealists, socialists, utopians, Christian communists, Southwest Indiana was full of them. They surrounded Abraham Lincoln. New Harmony was one utopian settlement. All who seek truth, justice, kindness, fruits of the Spirit, I admire.


Communism was to work for a society that each received according to his need and gives according to his ability. That's right out of Acts 4:32 where all believers shared. Selfishness and greed got in the way. In heaven, this just society will be realized.


In the meantime, the play goes on. Be happy and trust in the God of love, kindness, forgiveness, mercy, truth and justice for He is all of these things.


Jack London became disillusioned with socialism, especially self-centered socialists. It's a shame he couldn't have become a Christian. I would have liked to talk with him. I think heaven will look favorably on him because of his love of truth and justice and his care for fellow mankind.


We must endure to the end of our journey and with God's help we can do it. The real utopians, socialist's Christian communists, are few. It's easier to go with the flow. The same applies to Christians. The path is narrow and few will find it.


"The less economically developed societies are so because they lack the greed instinct. They are genetically inferior because of this lack." Thus, the greed gene was born.

Lewis Henry Morgan, Anthropologist



American Indians didn't have the greed gene and they were exterminated. They were all worked to death in Cuba, and replaced with black slaves. Only on one island in the Caribbean did Indians escape extinction. That was San Blas, a little island off Panama. I've been there.


We live on a testing ground, an incubator, a school for another world. The apostles turned the world upside down as they had different goals and values. Collecting material things and wealth wasn't their goal, but spiritual growth, character, and integrity (the fruits of God's spirit) was their goal, love, kindness, forgiveness, and truth-justice.


Our present world is passing away. It is becoming more polluted and destroyed every day. The fish in the sea are disappearing. The land, water, and air are being poisoned. The greedy are despoiling the earth. Prepare for the coming new world. God can purify and make all things new.


God's way is a form of communism. People rejoiced when communism fell in the Soviet Union. It wasn't a time to rejoice, but a time to repent. For the fall of communism meant that the force of idealism for a better world was destroyed. Rampant capitalism and greed had nothing to stop it. The barriers were being removed. You see society today moving toward a system of free democracy where all are enslaved by finance. God will not allow this form of slavery to endure. God's way is a form of communism. The disciples in Acts 5 came together in a commune. It couldn't last as selfishness is the main force in most people in a fallen world of the greed gene.


People with the greed gene become parasites, sucking life from all around them to fill their unquenchable void that only God can fill. Love of God, each other, nature, animals, plants, land and airŠthat is the answer. Take a small step and try! You won't find capitalism in heaven. Parts of our body cooperate and love one another, they share. If some cells want more than they need, they overgrow and become a cancer. That's what we have in the world today. You can't force love.




The greed gene was passed from Satan to Eve. Cain was of Satan; Able was from Adam. Ever since the greed gene has caused trouble. The desire for power and wealth produced killing, slavery, wars, and devastation. People of the greed gene took people captive and used and oppressed them. They built cities and war machines. As competition grew, so did technology. Technology was used as an instrument of oppression, as well as to build things. More and more technology produced more and more power. Power to build and power to destroy until we reach the present period, where we are devastating and polluting the earth, water and air. The culture of living together in peace hasn't improved. In fact, we are in the Eve of destruction. The Spirit of love in us was displaced by the greed of Satan.


God has worked in some people to restore their nature to one motivated by love. God will deliver us from destruction. It is time for those who have the Spirit of God that is truth, justice, wisdom, kindness and forgiveness to separate from the world system. We are in the world, but not of it. We are aliens in the world. There have been many attempts to improve or change the world. It all comes to naught as long as the spirit of Satan controls the world system.


There have been experiments in utopian societies, in socialism labor unions, and cooperatives. All have helped hold back the spirit of Satan from complete dominance in the world. He has retreated on slavery and feudalism and dictatorship only to regroup and take over stronger than ever with the use of technology. The new slavery is credit and finance. He owns the whole world through credit and finance. People who have many possessions must work under worse and worse conditions. They can't strike, form unions or even move without permission of finance or they will lose all their possessions, which they are a slave to.


It's time to come out of the world and create a new lifestyle. One based on cooperation, sharing, love and kindness as they did in Acts. The time is now for a new commune of Christian depending, trusting in God while doing all they can in love to make things work in the world. God will supplement what we cannot do. Food, shelter, clothes are necessities. A simple life of joy under God!


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