The Kingdom of God

Seek first the Kingdom of God and all the things will be added unto you.
Your needs will be met, taken care of.To really help people we should try
to bring them into the Kingdom of God.All things work together for good
for those who love God and are called according to his purpose.We have the
answer to really help people if only they will become born again Christians.
We can't solve peoples' problems if they want to follow Satan and his selfish demons.

You must be born again of the Holy Spirit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
If anyone does not have the spirit he does not belong in Christ.

The Holy Spirit begins small in you, like yeast in dough. He grows in you
and transforms and renews the whole body.

If you resist the transforming power of the Holy Spirit you will be
disciplined. If you go astray and have other Gods such as pleasure, power or
money you will be tested to see if you really love God. If you are never
disciplined or tested, maybe you should examine yourself. Do you really love
God? Are you born again?

Peter was tested by Satan when he denied Jesus. Jesus said,"I pray you
pass the test. Satan wants you to sift like sand. When you pass the test your
faith will be increased; then strengthen your brothers."

The Hebrews in the book of Judges fell away from God 70 times. Every time
they became prosperous they would worship other Gods.. The people
surrounding them would invade and take their crops and possessions.
They would pray and repent their actions. God would raise up a prophet.
The invaders would be driven from their land, and they would prosper again.

I fell away from God. It was a gradual process. I told people that I
believed in God , that I was a Christian, but I was falling farther and farther
away from God. Finally in the Fall of 1978 things started getting worse.
The harder I worked the worse things got. It was like fighting myself.

My wife's mother, who lived in Kentucky, had a stroke. My father in Indiana
became ill. I lost my business. The people who were funding me pulled their
money out . I never found out why. My wife left me. I was alone with my
8-year old son and my sick dad. I was becoming sick myself.

The gas company turned our gas off. I owed over $700.00. It was almost
Christmas, we couldn't stay warm. We cooked on a camping stove. Foreclosure
was to begin on our house. I tried to raise money, but had no success.

I read the bible as never before. I prayed continually. I listened to
bible tapes and preachers on the radio. I said, I believe in God.
You say if we love you, and seek you, you will take care of us. If we have
faith and depend on you, you will take care of our needs.I'm depending on
you God. If you don't take care of our needs, I would just as soon be dead.
What good is life without God?

I went to bed praying, depending on God. Tomorrow they were to repossess
our house.

The next morning I went outside. I talked to a man who was buying the house
next-door. "Why not buy mine too?" I asked him. He said, "Why not?"
I called the mortgage company and stopped the foreclosure. I found out
later he was a born again Christian.

Other things started happening. The Minneapolis City Council passed a law and turned
all the gas back on in the city. Money started appearing like magic, from many
sources. I even sold the patent to my air purifier. We took a vacation.
God had blessed me. My faith was stronger. I had surrendered to God.

You can't enter the Kingdom of God by doing good deeds. Even knowing the Bible
won't get you in. The Pharisees knew the Bible, they were trying to get into the
kingdom by their works. They even kept others out of the kingdom who were trying
to get in. Jesus called them sons of satan. The only way to please God is by

We need to build the kingdom of God, the body of Christ. We need to encourage one
another. We must not grieve the Holy Spirit, who works among and in us.
In Matthew 18:14 Jesus says,
"Whoever humbles himself like this child is greatest in the kingdom of God."
We must humble ourselves so God can work in us.

In the last times there will be scoffers who will try to divide you. They do
not have the spirit. They follow their own unGodly desires. Persevere, pray
in the Holy Spirit. Keep yourself in God's love as you wait on the mercy of our
Lord Jesus to bring you eternal life.(Jude 21) "Thy kingdom come thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven".


John 3.3
Jesus answered him, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God."

Romans 8.9
"But you are not in the flesh, you are in the spirit, if the spirit of God really dwells in you. Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him."

1st. Thes. 5.19
"Do not quench the spirit; do not despise prophesying; but test everything; hold fast what is good; abstain from every form of evil."

Matthew 13.31
"Another parable was put before them, saying, "the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field; it is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is the greatest of shrubs and becomes a tree so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches."

Matthew 23.13
"But woe to you, scribes and pharisees, hypocrites, because you shut the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither enter yourselves, nor allow those who would enter to go in."

Mathew 7:21
"Not everyone who says to me, "Lord, Lord," shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, "Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and caste out demons in your name, and do mighty works in your name?" and then will I declare to them, I never knew you; depart from me, you evil doers."

Luke 13.27
"But he will say, I tell you, I do not know where you come from; depart from me all you workers of iniquity!"

Matthew 13.29
"But he said, "No" lest in gathering the weeds you root up the wheat along with them."

Psalm 115.13
"He will bless those who fear the Lord, both small and great."

Matthew 11:12
"From the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven has suffered voilence, and men of violence take it by force."

Mark 4.5
"Other seed fell on rocky ground, where it had not much soil, and immediately it sprang up, since it had not depth of soil, and when the sun rose it was scorched, and since it had no root it withered away."